12 Things to Do in Belgrade, Serbia

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Sunrise white two storey building with a green dome centre
Sunrise at The House of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, Belgrade

Our next stop on our travel around The Balkans was the capital city of Belgrade, Serbia. With its modern history foremost in our minds, it felt like time travel to learn more about the ancient history of Belgrade, Serbia.

Our road trip across the Balkans, through Romania and Bulgaria, has particularly highlighted the natural beauty of these countries.

Approaching the border crossing from Bulgaria to Serbia made us apprehensive as we saw the queues.

Would it be like our 3-hour border crossing from Romania to Ukraine?

Border Crossing into Serbia

Fortunately, our passports were checked, and in just an hour, we were leaving Bulgaria.

However, there was another queue to enter Serbia, so Terry decided to nap while I handed over our French car documents and Irish passports.

After 10 minutes, another border guard entered the passport booth and asked, “Where is Terrence?”

With a nudge in the ribs, his seat pulled forward; Terry was fully alert.

Why are they asking after him?

But the border guard was all smiles. “Irish, we love the Irish, especially the Celtic music. Have you heard of the Serbian band Orthodox Celts?”

We had to admit no, but we would use YouTube to find their music.

Once again, we were surprised at how far the Celtic people had travelled. We had encountered Celts from Porto in Portugal and St Malo in France.

With territory stretching from Spain to the Black Sea, the Celts were geographically the largest group of people to inhabit ancient Europe.

Travel is definitely a learning experience.

With more smiles and a wave, we entered Serbia, the 60th country we had visited.

But unless you are on a road trip, you will most likely arrive at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport’s passport control.

How to Get from Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport to the City Centre

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You have three options:

  • Private Car Transfer
  • Taxi
  • Public Bus.

For more information, we found the website Domovina had up-to-date information on transport options.

However, if you want to explore Serbia more, you can book a car rental at the airport or organise a car hire from Belgrade city centre.

That way you don’t have to find accommodation with attached parking.

12 Things to Do in Belgrade

If you have decided Belgrade is on your list of cities to visit, you can download our easy walking guide of Belgrade.

With our walking guide, you have all the information on your phone.

We have mapped the Belgrade city walk with photos, descriptions, a street map and links to official websites.

Grab your Belgrade City Walking Guide by emailing us at travelkiwis@hotmail.com

1. Belgrade Fortress

stone fortress with square tower and arch gateway
Belgrade Fortress, Serbia

We visited the Belgrade Fortress every day on our three days in Belgrade. There is so much to see and places to seek out and explore.

The fortress covers 66 hectares, including the Military Museum.

Belgrade Fortress overlooks the Danube and Sava Rivers. The Celts built it, and it has been here in some form since 3 BC.

The vibe walking around is great, as many people enjoy the views and the parks within the fortress.

You can book a tour to go underground and find Roman and WWII ruins.

2. Kralja Petra

Umbrellas along a narrow street with early lights on for the evening, Table and chairs with patrons
Kralja Petra, Belgrade

When it’s time to eat, Kralja Petra has a lot of funky places to eat and drink.

Yes, the prices are higher as it is a popular area, but the vibe is cool.

We ate at Manufaktura Restaurant Belgrade and tried traditional Serbian food, including the famous Cevapi, grilled mince meat in the form of a skinless sausage.

3. Hotel Moskva

4 storey narrow building made of stone with a green roof
Hotel Moskva, Belgrade

If you want to wander back in time, treat yourself to a coffee at the Hotel Moskva. It was opened in 1908 and has hosted many greats, including Einstein.

When you enter the hotel, you feel like you are in a movie set because of its old-world ambience. It’s definitely a place that encourages a higher standard of dress.

4. Nikola Tesla Museum

19th century building, 2 storey with front columns
Nikola Tesla Museum

With the increase in electric cars, visiting the Nikola Tesla Museum is worthwhile. The archives of Tesla’s inventions are now included at UNESCO.

Here, you can see demonstrations of Tesla’s various inventions with interactive exhibits. Tickets for a tour in English cost 800RSD (Euro 6.82).

5. The Temple of Saint Sava

Statue in front of large white orthodox church with a green dome
The Temple of Saint Sava, Belgrade

This beautiful cathedral is a centrepiece of Belgrade. Built in the 1930s of marble and granite, the 12m high gold-plated cross sits atop the green dome.

You can listen to the tolling of its bells for certain liturgical services.

There is no cost to enter.

5. Crypt of the Temple of Saint Sava

Inside a temple underneath a church with a massive ceiling chandelair.
The Crypt of Saint Sava, Belgrade

Wow, this is one place you need to visit.

Saint Sava is the largest Orthodox Church in Serbia, and below the church is this amazing crypt.

The beauty of all the gold colours will leave you in awe.

6. Gather Food at the Local Market

Vegetable market
Local Farmers Market, Zeleni Venac

Exploring a new city often involves visiting the local market to discover unique fruits and vegetables; Belgrade was no exception.

The Zeleni Venac is open daily from 7 am to 7 pm, except from Sunday to 5 pm.

The market has covered and uncovered sections and is one of the best places to find regional products.

7. Wander Republic Square

Large red and white 3 storey building with green
Republic Square, Belgrade

What we love about Europe is the pedestrian areas and plazas where you can admire the architectural landmarks. Republic Square ticks all the boxes.

The square is the bustling heart of Belgrade, where you can visit the National Museum. Or find a spot to watch the world go by.

8. Eat Burek for Breakfast

Burek for breakfast
Burek for breakfast

If this is your first time in The Balkans, then you need to try Burek. We love it.

This pastry can be eaten for breakfast or kept later for lunch. It is filled with cheese, meat, or a combination of both. Some even have spinach. It is so good.

And they are cheap.

9. Drink Rakia

Serbia’s national drink is Rakia, a type of whiskey which definitely warms your inside. It is often offered after a meal, like a Snapps.

Otherwise, you can find a local bar to try this nectar.

10. Try Cevapi

Another food to try in the Balkans is Cevapi, a sausage. Its appearance reminded us of a meat pattie squished longways.

They are delicious, especially with sauerkraut.

A lot of the traditional restaurants will have a variety of cevapi to try.

11. St. Mark Orthodox Church

Tall bell tower with 2 side towers
St. Mark Orthodox Church, Belgrade

The outside architectural beauty of St. Mark Orthodox Church will have you stopping to see more.

A visit inside is adorned with stunning frescoes and intricate details of this Serbian Orthodox church.

12. Sunset at Belgrade Fortress

People sitting along a fortress wall looking out to sunset
Waiting for sunset on Belgrade Fortress

We returned each evening for sunset at the fortress.

It was a relaxing way to end the day, mingling with others while we enjoyed the river views, enhanced by the setting sun.

Nobody was in a rush to get anywhere. So we stayed until late before going in search of another plate of local cuisine.

Where to Stay in Belgrade

When on a road trip, parking is the first box we tick when looking for a hotel or Airbnb. Well, price, location and wifi are also high up on the list  .

Which is why we chose Bridge Apartments, Belgrade.

The apartment was recently renovated, the bed was comfy, and we had a kitchen if we decided to cook for ourselves. Also, having a lounge to relax was perfect.

You can check out Booking.com for more options to suit your budget and taste.


Make a Plan to Visit Belgrade

If you want a variation to your travel itinerary, Belgrade is a city to add to your bucket list.

It was a refreshing travel experience with language, culture, history, and food. 

We added day trips to the historic town of Niš and Smederevo Fortress. Niš for its Ottoman architecture and Skull Tower (we avoided). The medieval Smederevo Fortress for its massive stone walls of any fortress we have seen.

Staying in Belgrade offers a different travel immersion and a city we recommend you visit at least once.