England and Ireland

The city of London and the surrounding boroughs are why we spend as much time as we can in this amazing city.

London has so many boroughs to explore in and around the city centre.

This is why we decided to extend our stay in England to explore places away from London, like the Jurassic Coast and Sussex. Away from London, you’ll find so many lovely villages and market towns.

Our road trips will help you plan for an extended stay in the UK away from popular London.


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See the Best of Ireland

The beauty of Ireland is not only from its landscape but from the interactions with its friendly people. Time spent listening to music in a cosy small pub is what gives Ireland its charm.

For a small country, time spent in Dublin or driving its small, narrow roads is why Ireland needs to be an addition to your travel planning.

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To find your way around Dublin, download our walking map here:

Self-Guided City Walk of Dublin