How to Begin a Slow Travel Lifestyle

We never intended to travel slowly when we started our travel adventure in 2016.

Our initial itinerary was a four-month exploration of Asia, which Terry had planned to include long stays in one place. So, you could say we were already in the mindset of slow travellers.

We had planned that once we got to London via Europe, we would find work and spend the odd weekend flying to Italy, Slovenia, or Spain.

But that housesit in the small village of Fontenoy le Chateau, France, hooked us. 

Of course, the homeowners were great and very generous, as were the local villagers, so we made a U-turn in our decision to work in London. Instead, we became international housesitters using the Trusted Housesitters website.

What is Slow Travel?

During our house-sitting assignments, we often had use of the homeowner’s car to explore the area.

Road trips became a popular way for us to see the countries we were visiting.

Find a road trip that matches your travel itinerary.

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