A Guide to Living Life with Slow Travel

Man and woman on bikes next to a canal
Canal l’Est, Fontenoy le Chateau, France

Hi and welcome

We are Terry and Maura (aka TravelKiwis), slow travel experts.

We discovered our love of slow travel when we left behind our life in Wellington, New Zealand, in 2016, travelling full-time to more than 60 countries and five continents.

What started as a four-month journey through Asia became a slow travel lifestyle of seeing Europe with housesitting and road trips.

While we love visiting the big spectacular cities like London, Paris, Rome and Berlin, they are must-see destinations for a good reason.

But it’s the smaller places that capture our hearts and imagination, like Terracina in Italy.

At first, we travelled using buses and trains to arrive at our destinations, walking to our accommodation or being met by a homeowner.

But we love road trips, so in 2017, we bought a car to find places off the grid to immerse ourselves amongst the locals. It’s how we found some inspiring destinations and gems.

We want to share our favourite less-visited locations, where you get a real feel for the culture and history. 

These are our Inspiring Destinations and European City Walks.

And why we are experts in slow travel: our journey of turning travel into a lifestyle with housesitting has opened our eyes to what is possible.

Because people often ask:

  • how can we afford to travel
  • how can they have a travel lifestyle like us
  • how do they get started

Our Travel Blog, Travel Tips and Photography stories have plenty of information to inspire you to realise you can travel often, stay longer and experience more when you travel.

See our captured photographic memories to inspire your travels.

Travel is a comparatively cheap lifestyle option when you have the following:

  • the knowledge to plan where to visit
  • how to find affordable accommodation
  • where to get the best deals

And if you love to explore towns and cities on foot, we have created Self-Guided City Walks for you to experience the must-sees and things to do in a new city.

Visit our Go Housesitting website to learn more about how to get started with House Sitting.

(We use WISE as our preferred travel money card.)

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