Self Guided City Walks: How to see Europe’s Best Walking Cities

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Finally, you’ve booked the flight and you’ll soon be on your way to Europe.

You’re so excited.

Dragging your suitcase from underneath the bed as your passport is thrown into your hand luggage. An email to friends to let them know your vacation time is booked.

Whew! Now to set a plan in motion filled with seeing some of the best cities in Europe.

But you’ve hit a roadblock.

You’re trying to decide what to see in the most visited cities in Europe, which is leaving you feeling a little overwhelmed.

Your thinking Rome, London or Paris. Maybe Bruges, Prague or Budapest.

Because each offer something unique, something different. It’s why it has you thinking of how to leave less of a footprint.

The answer is simple – a self-guided city walk of Europe’s best walking cities.

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What is a Self-Guided Walking Tour?

Basilica Sacre Cour
Basilica Sacre Cour, Paris

A self-guided walking tour is a pre-planned tour where you set the pace and time to see places of interest for a city orientation walk.

So rather than being directed to places of no interest to you, standing for long periods with a guide, or stopping at manufacturers, a self-guided city tour is organised with you in mind.

When you use a self-guided city walk, you get to plan:

  • What to see
  • What time to start
  • Go as slow or as fast as you like
  • See as little or as much as you want

Then all you need to figure out is, what is of interest to you for your city visit. 

You can spend your time:

  • Visiting a museum
  • Wandering the local markets
  • Admiring stunning architecture
  • Enjoying a coffee at a small cafe
  • Eating at a local recommended restaurant
  • Finding the best views
  • Experiencing the nightlife 

Having a pre-planned European city self-guided city walk organized before you arrive will save you time and reduce confusion.

It takes the stress out of reading loads of information, trying to map out a route and arriving at your destination, wondering where to start.

With your city guide in your pocket or purse, what European city will you choose to see?

Why Choose TravelKiwis?

When you find yourself sorting through a maze of “visit a city” travel guides, it can be frustrating. You have to filter through website content of unrelated ads, silly gap filler “things to do” with no planned route to follow.

These are the reasons TravelKiwis created self-guided European walking tours.

Self-Guided City Walks by TravelKiwis has done all the hard work for you.

Having spent time from 2016 exploring Europe, we have visited many of the top cities of Europe. From the famous cities of Paris, Rome, and Venice to Barcelona, Prague, and Budapest. And many other stunning cities of Europe like Krakow, Berlin, and Seville. 

If like us you love to plan your own timetable when visiting a European city, a self-guided city walk will give you more confidence (and time) to go out and explore.

And without the confusion on which museums, architectural gems, monuments, or local eateries to visit, our guides can help with your choice.

You’ll discover, with a self-guided walking tour, it’s easy to navigate a European city on foot to appreciate unforgettable places of interest.

So, let’s get started.

What are the Best Cities in Europe to visit?

Hungary Parliament Building
Hungary Parliament Building, Budapest

Have you always imagined yourself:

• watching the early sunrise as you wander over the fabulous Charles Bridge in Prague

• marvelling as the sunset casts a magical glow on the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the City of Light

• absorbing the wondrous historical and modern sights strolling the River Thames in London

• standing in the ancient Colosseum 2,000 years after being built in Rome, the Eternal City 

• sensing the youthful vibrancy in Berlin, now the City of Freedom

• being awestruck by views from miradors overlooking Lisbon’s famed Alfama district

These are just some of Europe’s best walking cities.

Europe has so many magnificent cities; it is hard to count them all. A traveller could spend decades wandering this historic continent and still not discover all the places worthy of a visit.

But these great cities of Europe are on every travel bucket list because every traveller wants to visit at some point in their lifetime.

These cities are often busier than other locations:

  • prices can be more expensive
  • accommodation is at a premium
  • events are often booked out well in advance.

But they are popular for a reason – because they have so much to offer.

The history, the architecture, the entertainment, the food, and the opportunities to explore, all provide an exceptional travel experience.

And one of the best things to do when visiting a new European city is to walk.


Enhance your European city visit with a walking tour

Gothic towers of a church
Prague, Czechia

One of the best features of TravelKiwis Self-Guided City Walks is to show an ideal path to the key highlights of a European city.

Our guide is available in “real-time” as you walk.

So when you are in the city, you simply click on the link immediately below the city map. Google Maps appears showing the walking path and locations. 

You can then follow the map with your location pinpointed.  

So, if you go wandering away from the path, it is simple to find your way back to the next location.

And as many European cities have FREE Wifi hotspots, you can use their free data.

The other option is to download the TravelKiwis Self-Guided City Walks and follow it off-line.

Remember to carry a battery pack charger with your smartphone cable. Amazon has a variety of options, but we have listed a battery pack below as a suggestion.

Use a Smartphone as Your Tour Guide

Parliament Buildings London
Westminster, London

Having an ebook for a self-guided city walk gives you all the information at your fingertips.

Each guide has a comprehensive list of:

  • Places to visit with a photo
  • Restaurants and cafes to try
  • Nearby attractions for a more extended city break
  • Tips to navigate the city
  • Distance in km and miles
  • Comprehensive map 

Having a detailed map and overview of the places to see, makes it a lot easier for you to visualize your city sightseeing walk.

And if you want to see every place in one day, you can, or you can spread it over three days. 

Plus, your self-guided city walk has a distance in kilometres and miles, so you know how far the walk will take you.

Every destination on the walk has informative and descriptive notes.

There’s a little bit of history, maybe some folklore, and if the place of interest is open to the public, say a museum.

Every destination has a photo that enhances your city orientation walk.  

For each of the places within the guide, the photo makes it easier to identify the point of interest. The photo is crisp and clear making it an accurate visual, so there’s no confusion.

Having an ebook with a map that fits in your pocket is fantastic.

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Stay and See the Best of the European Cities 

Four column building with dome top
Government Buildings Dublin

One of the best ways to see a European city is to stay in the old city.

Although accommodation can sometimes be a little higher in price, you will be closer to the historical centre.

The old city area is often pedestrian-friendly, making it easy to navigate your way around on foot. 

You are closer to the start of your city orientation walk to the main sightseeing attractions. And it’s not far back to your accommodation when you need a restful break.

Ideally, staying three nights in a European city allows you to settle into a routine of planning your daily walking tour. 

Allowing you want to absorb everything the city has to offer, including its charm.

Some of the best cities in Europe to spend three days in are:

  • Paris – french cuisine, french flair, and romance
  • Berlin – historical sites and fantastic nightlife
  • London – walks along the Thames to Westminster
  • Lisbon – amazing panoramic views

And staying in the old city gives you the choice of an early start to avoid crowds or the summer heat, or start later on a winter’s day.

What are the Best European cities to visit in Winter 

White marble wide church
Duomo di Milano (Milan Cathedral) Italy

It all depends if you enjoy mild winter temperatures or a crisp, cold winter’s day. 

Some of the best European cities in winter also have wonderful Christmas markets to enhance your European city stay.

While the north of Europe is colder, so are the cities of Eastern Europe. But the European cities near the Mediterranean are milder.

You can visit:

  • Vienna – magical old city with classical charm
  • Madrid – milder temperatures for outdoor dining
  • Budapest – wandering Buda and Pest along the Danube
  • Prague – vibrant Christmas market

A self-guided city walk is an ideal way to organize your European city exploration for one or more days. And walking is one of the best ways to maintain your overall health.

A Self Guided Walking Tour is Sustainable and Healthy 

When you see the large hop-on, hop-off buses go by; it’s nice to know you are helping the environment with your walking feet.

Even 30 minutes of walking each day can improve overall health.

So, a self-guided walking tour has the added benefit of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, too, especially when you have your 10,000 steps daily goal.

With your mind active, you’re also helping to keep your brain healthy as you negotiate your way around the city. 

And remember to use refillable water bottles for the drinking fountains to save the planet from more plastic.


Get your own European Self-Guided City Walks

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One of the best things to do when visiting a new European city is to walk. This way, you get a feel for daily life, how history has impacted the city, and what culinary flavours people enjoy. 

And to prepare yourself in advance to see the best of a European city, TravelKiwis ebook Self-Guided City Walks has done all the hard work for you.

Within the ebook, you get to choose:

  • What European city appeals to you to explore.
  • Discover how some of the great cities are linked.
  • Find your favourite European city destination.

TravelKiwis self-guided city walks ebook is a comprehensive visit to a city travel guide. 

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