A couple in a rowboat in Seville, Spain
Taking a rowboat is a romantic way to experience Plaza de Espana

Inspiring Destinations – Seville, Spain

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Seville, Spain

Seville is the capital of Andalusia, in southwest Spain. The city has a long and very interesting history influenced by Romans, Muslims, and Christians.

The city is divided by the River Guadalquivir with nearly all the key locations on the east side of the river.

A horse and cart in front of a tower
Torre del Oro is a defensive tower on the banks of the River Guadalquivir, built around 1220.

For a walking guide to the city, check out our Self-Guided City Walk of Seville.

The buildings in this remarkable city reflect this history. You can spend days wandering the maze of narrow streets.

A palace reflected in a lake
Plaza de América was built for the 1929 Ibero-American Exhibition, with ornate pavilions around a pond and gardens.

Must-see sites include three UNESCO World Heritage sites. The Real Alcazar of Seville, Seville Cathedral, and the Archives of the Indies.

The Cathedral Sevilla is the worlds third-largest cathedral. With stunning Gothic architecture, 80 chapels and the tomb of Christopher Columbus.

a large church in Seville, Spain
Seville Cathedral features an iconic Moorish bell tower with city views, plus Columbus’ tomb.

These are all located very close to each other surrounding the Plaza del Triunfo.

The Plaza de Espana is known as the Jewel of Seville. It was built for the 1929 Latin American Exposition. Here you can enjoy fountains, rowboats, history depicted in tiles and balconies to enjoy the many views.

A large plaza with a canal and a fountain
Plaza de Espana viewed from the balconies

Make sure you take in a flamenco show while you are here.

A lady dacing in a flamenco dress
You don’t need to go to a club to see flamenco, dancers are often performing in the street.

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