The Beauty of Lake Bled, Slovenia Will Steal Your Heart

Visit the Beauty of Lake Bled, Slovenia: It Will Steal Your Heart

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Updated July 2019

Day 7 of our 10-country 10-night road trip from North Germany to Italy, was a stop in Ljubljana in Slovenia.

Slovenia is relatively small, surrounded by four countries of Austria, Hungary, Croatia, and Italy. But it is a country of fairy tale castles, panoramic views, with a beautiful old town for its capital city.

We thought you may like to take a look at the three places we visited:

  1. Lake Bled
  2. Ljubljana city
  3. Predjama Castle

This way you can decide if Slovenia is the next stop on your European adventure.

We decided to spend our first day in Slovenia exploring the beauty of Lake Bled. We had seen so many stunning photos of the lake, and we were excited to finally see it for ourselves.

And yes, it did steal our heart.

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Airbnb Camping

Ljubljana city accommodation is expensive so we chose to stay in a village 15 minutes from the city center. an alternative to city hotels is to use Airbnb.

One of the benefits of having our own transport is we can save a lot of money by picking a location away from the city center.

But for us, it was a chance to finally to use our tent, pitched under a large walnut tree, on the property of the host. And wouldn’t you know it, Murphy’s Law, a huge thunderstorm in the afternoon and rain for the rest of the day and into the evening. However, we were committed to the tent and we slept soundly under the protection of the tree.

Greg our Airbnb host had plenty of information on what to see in Ljubljana and Slovenia in general.  We shared a meal in the evening tasting naked sausages (Cevapcici), sweet onions with a type of bean called Prebranec, accompanied by bread and beer. Awesome.

The beauty of Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled with a church on its banks
On Lake Bled

Slovenia has so much natural beauty, a visit to Lake Bled in the Gorenjska region should always be at the top of your list. It’s here you can experience the picturesque backdrop of the Julian Alps, the beauty of an emerald lake and the access to nearby Vintgar gorge.

Lake Bled Town

Lake Bled is a resort town about 45 minutes from the city of Ljubljana making it easily accessible as a day trip.

As you enter the town and see your first glimpse of the lake, it will be hard to keep your eyes on the road ahead (especially if you’re driving.)

It’s now you’ll understand why it is one of the most photographed places by travelers.

Church on an island on a lake
Lake Bled of Slovenia

A couple of ways to appreciate the Lake Bled is taking a walk, a hike or even a swim.

We always enjoy walking and the promenade along the lake edge is easy to do. If you are feeling energetic, a walk can take up to two hours if you go as far as the canoe club area.

Now if it’s a swim to refresh yourself, we found two options (sorry folks, no free swimming in the lake near the town.)

The paid option for swimming is located in the lake near Castle Bled.

But if you are after the perfect spot, then the western side of the lake is best. Plus it’s also the starting point for a hike up to the Ojstrica viewpoint.

Enjoy Views from Ojstrica

View of a lake with surrounding town and church on an island
Lake Bled from Ojstrica Viewpoint (courtesy of Travel Slovenia)

On the western side of Lake Bled is the entrance to climb the Ojstrica viewpoint.

The 30-minute hike follows a dirt track up to the viewpoint for some of the best photos we have seen. Absolutely breath-taking.

Unfortunately for our trip, the thunder roared, lightning struck and the rain poured. Twenty minutes later it returned to blue skies, but the trail was too muddy to continue.

The photo above is courtesy of TravelSlovenia.

Tip: 1: Car parking on the western lakeside is €10 per day (no hourly parking)

Tip 2: Watch out for grass snakes when swimming, apparently harmless, just a little squishy if trodden on.

Woman sitting with a view of a lake
View of Bled Castle across Lake Bled

How to Reach Bled Island

To reach the Bled island and the 17th-century chapel, one option is to take a ride in a  Pletna.

The Pletna is a traditional flat bottom wooden boat dating back to 1590. As you enjoy the ride, the oarsman stands at the stern of the boat using two paddles. The pletna can take up to 20 people.

Now if you prefer to row your own boat, then this is also an option.

With no motor boats allowed on Lake Bled, it’s either you rowing, paddling a kayak or taking a pletna to get you to the island.

Long boat with two oars and a canopy
Pletna – one option to reach the island on Lake Bled

Tip 3: Pletna is €12-14 per person

The boat ride is 25 minutes each way with approx 40 minutes to explore the island. Ensure you confirm the return time with your Oarsman.

Tip 4: Rowboat is €12-15 per hour

Legend of Lake Bled Island

The legend of the island tells of the groom carrying his new bride up the 98 steps of the tower to ring the bell to grant a happy life.

Today the tower is closed to the public so this is another option.

Love heart photo of a couple
Slovenia Will Steal Your Heart

Visit Bled Castle

Sitting atop of Castle Hill, Bled Castle is one of the oldest castles in Slovenia, dating back to 1011. It is an impressive structure with fantastic views of Lake Bled, Bled Island church and the mountain ranges of Karavanke and the Julian Alps.

The walk up to the Castle entrance, an old roman defense gate tower is a little steep. But once inside the castle walls, you’ll find panoramic views, some even from the window of the souvenir shop.

Make sure you visit the small museum with information about the castle and the development of the Lake Bled area. Here is a short clip of the view down to the Lake Bled from Bled Castle.

Castle atop oa rocky outcrop
Bled Castle
Castle a top of outcrop with mountain range behind
Bled Castle with mountain ranges of Karavanke and the Julian Alps

Tip 5: Car parking near the castle is only €2 per hour

Tip 6: Castle entry is €9.50 per adult


Bled Train Station

While people do come for the fantastic views of Lake Bled, you may be surprised to learn it was once the rail connection between the big European cities that put Lake Bled on the map.

Lake Bled was on the main line from the Hapsburg monarchy to Trieste, Italy.

The Karavanke-Bohinj Railway was a major feat of engineering built between 1900-1906 bringing tourists to Lake Bled until WWI.

The rail line is 6,327 meters long with many tunnels and bridges on steep terrain.

Early centurey building
The train station of Lake Bled

Tip 7: Parking here is free 


How the Beauty of Lake Bled will steal your Heart

If you are planning to visit Slovenia any time soon, then Lake Bled should be at the top of your list.

You can either visit for a day or spend longer. Just check out for the latest accommodation deals and a 10% discount.

And if you want to learn more, take a look at Bled Tourism.