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Hi, we’re Terry and Maura

House sitters, Travellers and Freelance Travel Planners – on a journey to help you achieve a lifestyle of travel. We want to show you how to slow travel and spend more time exploring the other countries. Maybe we can be the inspiration you need to let go of the 9-5 and realise your dream.

We are from Wellington, New Zealand, a country far away from the places we wanted to visit. Travel to those far off places had always been our desire, but with only a handful of weeks holiday each year, our options were limited. We wanted to experience the lifestyle, history, food and beauty of other countries.

But we were stuck – our material possessions and security were holding us back from achieving our dream – the mortgage, do we renovate, perhaps this new dress, dinner out tonight …

We didn’t want to wait until we retired at age 65, we wanted to travel while we still felt young, confident and adventurous. House sitting has enabled us to achieve our dream, maybe it can help you achieve yours?

Each year we would take a two-week break to a remote location on the shores of Lake Taupo. While we were there we found we could live with so much less “stuff.” It got us thinking …

Could we live like this permanently?

For us, it was time to let go and be free. We were to be travellers!


We made the decision to sell not only the house, but a lot of our possessions too, only keeping a small portion of what we once owned. Decluttering each room in the house, and the garage, was liberating.

One of things we are often asked is:

“What made you become a House Sitter?”

The big attraction for us is house sitting enables us to travel with limited accommodation expenses. We can spend time house sitting in small villages, engaging with the locals in their language, and exploring nearby areas.

In one year, we saved more than US$14k on accommodation (based on US$60 per night we may have spent on other accommodation).

Without this major expense of accommodation, you can enjoy that baguette and coffee, as you watch the world go by in a little French village, or in Spain, or Italy, or the UK, or …………

Our desire is to help you achieve the lifestyle of travel you have dreamed of living


Each week we will email you a destination we have explored from our house sitting assignment. We can also help with advice on:

• How to become a house sitter
• How to create a great profile
• Essential items to pack
• What new mobile device apps to use to make your travel easier
• How to travel more cheaply between assignments
• Why an unpopular city maybe the heart of so much more


The aim of our blog is to help you to realise your own dream of quitting the 9-5 and living the life of a traveller


We do this by sharing our own stories and experiences as worldwide house sitters. We truly believe it is possible for you, to follow the same path as us. Our experiences are a way to help you achieve your freedom to travel, without you having to pave the way yourself.

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