Take A Walk Along Birmingham’s Reviatlised Historic Canals

We were once again in Birmingham England, this time house sitting in the suburb of Water Orton. Darcie a 3-year-old Alsatian and Daisy a mischievous 9-month-old Yorkshire Terrier, plus Mignon the placid cat would be our responsibility. Water Orton is surrounded by fields and plenty of blueberry and black berry hedges – is that an …

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6 Sights That Will Surprise You When Exploring the City of Birmingham UK

During August we had a house sit in the little village of Water Orton, only 20 minutes by train to Birmingham City Centre. This gave us several opportunities to spend time exploring the city of Birmingham UK.  Some of the sights we discovered delighted us including the medieval Bull Ring market, the vibrant canal area, …

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Why the Republic of San Marino is the Perfect Romantic Getaway

When you are looking for the perfect romantic getaway, San Marino should be at the top of your list. At 749m above sea level, it is the fairy-tale adventure of three towers in the sky. With a small population of 33,000 and an area of 61msq, you won’t have the feeling of being overcrowded. Just …

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Best Things to See in the Friendly City of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Day 9 of our 10-country, 10-night road trip from North Germany to Italy was to find out a little more of the capital city of Ljubljana, Slovenia. We wanted to enjoy a day in Ljubljana, and we wanted the full experience. For us this meant its food, its sights and its historical heritage in a …

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The Beauty of Lake Bled, Slovenia Will Steal Your Heart

Is it Time You Visited the Beauty of Lake Bled, Slovenia – It Will Steal Your Heart

Day 8 of our 10-country 10-night road trip from North Germany to Italy, and we arrived in Slovenia. Slovenia is relatively small, and surrounded by four countries – Austria, Hungary, Croatia and Italy. It is a country of fairy tale castles, panoramic views and a beautiful old town capital city. We thought you may like …

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10 Must See Sights of Zagreb, The Ultimate Guide to Croatia’s Capital City

Day-6 of our 10 country 10 night road trip from North Germany to Italy saw us leave Bratislava, Slovenia to travel via Lake Heviz, Hungary, then on to Zagreb Croatia. As a result we knew we would be short on time when we got to Zagreb. Consequently we chose 10 must see sights of Zagreb. When …

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Bratislava Old Town - 9 Highlights to Visit in One Day

Bratislava Old Town – 9 Highlights to Visit in One Day

We were now onto Day-5 of our 10 country 10 night road trip from North Germany to Italy. It had been 30 years since we were last here in Bratislava and all we could say was “Wow.” Bratislava old town had been transformed from the grey and drab to a city vibrant with colour and beauty. We …

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Driving Eastern Europe Four Countries in One Day

Day 4 – Our 10 Country 10 Night Road Trip to Italy DISCLOSURE: There ARE affiliate links so if you do link through and accept, we do benefit as well. Today was Day 4 of our 10 country 10 night  road trip from North Germany to Central Italy. So far, we had enjoyed the beautiful area of Greifswald in Northern Germany. …

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TravelKiwis 10 Countries 10 Nights Road Trip Germany to Italy Part 1

TravelKiwis 10 Countries 10 Nights Road Trip Germany to Italy

Preparation for the Road Trip Maura had spent the previous 5 days in Greifswald, North Germany sorting out the paperwork and insurance for our new car. Our good friend Carola helped us purchase a BMW 320d Estate from a friend. So Maura had done the deal, organised the paperwork, and we became the proud owners. …

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