Republic of San Marino is the Perfect Romantic Getaway

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You know you want to feel the indulgence of the perfect romantic getaway.

Is it the luxury and delight you are thinking about?

And when travelling in Europe, where can you book the most memorable romantic getaway? Maybe even a fairytale experience.

San Marino Fairytale Romantic Getaway

When you’re looking for the perfect romantic getaway, San Marino should be at the top of your list.

At 749m above sea level, it is a fairy-tale location with three towers in the sky.

Just take a look at this amazing panoramic view.

View of farmland across San Marino
A view from San Marino

Where is San Marino?

San Marino was the last night of our 10-country 10-night road trip from Northern Germany to Italy. It was how we got to visit one of the world’s smallest countries.

Landlocked within Italy, sitting high on the Apennine range, San Marino can be reached by car or bus from Rimini, Italy.

It was a perfect location to spend our final night on this incredible road trip.

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A Little History of San Marino

View of Mount Titano
A view of Mount Titano

San Marino dates to 301CE when a stonemason named Marinus from the island of Rab (now Croatia) founded a monastery on the ridge of Mount Titano.

The mountainous location has helped San Marino survive as a republic throughout the centuries.

It is said to be the oldest sovereign state with the earliest written governing documents.

With a small population of 33,000 and an area of 61msq, you won’t have the feeling of being overcrowded.

Come and see for yourself the winding narrow streets in this old medieval walled town.

Getting to Your Perfect Romantic Getaway

Looking down on the Ariel Tramway
Ariel Tramway to San Marino

With any mountainous hideaway, the journey is always steep, winding and narrow.

Our trip up the mountainside had us manoeuvring in the tight spaces as we met cars coming down.

But with any mountainous hideaway, the views are fantastic.

It’s hard to keep your eyes on the road as you wind your way up among stone houses with views of the sea and mountains.

The alternative is to leave your car below and take the Ariel Tramway (Funicular).

For a return trip of €4.50, it’s probably the better option to park your car and take the Funicular.

For more information, click here San Marino Cable Car.

Living in a picturesque place like San Marino, there is no need for a gym.

How We Stayed in San Marino for €11 (USD13) a Night

Gate of San Marino leading to Hotel Cesare
Gate of San Marino leading to Hotel Cesare is one of our favourite FREE apps for booking accommodation.


It has a great incentive and reasonable room rates.

We love the lower prices of, where after your 10th night is booked, your next night is free based on your average stay rate. How cool is this?

We stayed at Hotel Cesare on the crest of the mountain using our 10th-night discount.

A Romantic Setting with the Most Fabulous View Ever

There are always choices when deciding where to eat – the menu, the price, the wine list, the ambience, and the reviews.

But what about the view?

All we could think of was, “Wow”, how amazing is this view?

The evening was so still with a beautiful star-lit sky.

What better way to spend a romantic evening together on this hilltop destination?

Evening Panoramic View from San Marino
A Table with a Panoramic View
Evening Meal in San Marino
A Table with a View

Spend Time in Quaint Shops

Shopping in San Marino
Time for shopping in San Marino

As tourism is one of the country’s main sources of revenue, the shops will lure you in to sample local items or purchase quality products.

A lower tax rate on so many products makes shopping very attractive.

You can learn more by clicking on the local tourism website – San Marino.

Visit the Three Towers of San Marino

No visit here would be complete without a visit to the three towers displayed on the flag and coat of arms of San Marino.

The three towers are:

Guaita    – 11th-century fortress
Cesta     – 13th century located on the highest point
Montale – 14th century and is privately owned

Whether you take a walk in the evening with the reflection of the lights, or an early morning walk, the views of the towers are spectacular.

Visit the hillside Republic of San Marino
Guaita Tower of San Marino


Tower of Montale
Montale Tower of San Marino


Night photo of Cesta Tower
Cesta Tower of San Marino

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Changing of the Guards at Palazzo Pubblico

The government building of San Marino in Palazzo Pubblico is where you can see the changing of the guards.

The guards in their bright green uniform are certainly an attraction.

Palazzo Pubblico
Palazzo Pubblico


Guard in Palazzo Pubblico
Guard in Palazzo Pubblico

Visit the Basilica di San Marino

Basilica di San Marino
Basilica di San Marino

Dedicated to its founder St Marinus, this church was completed in 1838 on the first church site in the 4th century.

Cava dei Balestrieri

Cava dei Balestrieri
Cava dei Balestrieri

The Cava dei Balestrieri was originally a quarry used for its stone buildings in San Marino.

Its name in English is The Crossbowman’s Quarry. Throughout the year, it is used for crossbow performances and an annual medieval festival in July.

Are you planning your European Vacation?

Stone Tower of San Marino
For a romantic getaway in San Marino’s old medieval town

Look at travelling away from the main sights in Italy to the beautiful Republic of San Marino.

You will be in awe of the views and place of history.

And if you need help planning your European Escapade

You can contact us at for more information on amazing travel destinations like San Marino; join us at TravelKiwis on Facebook.




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      San Marino is a hidden gem with fantastic views and so often overlooked by travellers. It was so romantic to have dinner with such spectacular views.

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