Remember to Pack This One Little Item We Never Travel Without

When you have made the decision to travel and your plans are underway, your excitement builds. You spend your time scrolling through reviews for the right price, the perfect location and the best deal. Besides booking the flights, your next biggest expense is your accommodation. For us, we always remember to pack this one little item we never travel without.

Remember to Pack This One Little Item We Never Travel Without

When we embarked on our Asian Adventure, one of our concerns was the safety of our accommodation. We had read and seen stories of tragedy, where travellers had lost their lives due to the lack of safety equipment in the building.

What precautions has your host taken to protect you?”

The next time you arrive at your Hotel or Airbnb room, look up.  Is your room missing an important safety item. You may just be surprised to find no smoke alarm in your room.

Having personally experienced the devastation fire can cause, it was a “no-brainer” for us to remember to pack one little item we never travel without – a smoke alarm.

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We chose the Cavius Mini Smoke Alarm available from Amazon UK.

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An alternative product First Alert is available from Amazon US.

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Why we chose this one little item we never travel without.

We were surprised how many of our Hotel or Airbnb rooms did not have a smoke detector installed. Actually, we weren’t surprised, which is why we had taken a mini smoke alarm with us.

Our Asian Adventure accommodation was booked via travel agencies and ourselves. We had read the reviews and felt we had made some good choices. We were delighted with our selections, but at times, very disappointed with the lack of a smoke alarm present.

Twice on our Asian Adventure, we travelled with tour groups. To our surprise, some of the accommodation for our stays, was devoid of smoke alarms.


Why we purchased a Cavius smoke alarm?

When deciding on what smoke alarm to carry with us, we did our research. It had to be small and light to fit in our 10kg backpack, have a long life battery, and easy to install.

But the most important benefit we needed from a product, was to give us peace of mind while we slept.

We chose the Cavius Mini Smoke Alarm.

Remember to Pack This One Little Item We Never Travel
Mini Smoke Alarm

This alarm has a 10 year battery with a 30 day warning when the battery is low. So we didn’t need to worry about replacing the battery every 6 months, and it being environmentally friendly was a plus for us.

This alarm can operate in low to high temperatures, even if there is high humidity. The alarm was perfect for our travel needs as we were heading to Europe after Asia. Knowing how many Hotels and Airbnbs we would be using, we were happy with our choice.


We also love the Cavius Travel Alarm

This Cavius Travel Alarm is another option to consider. This alarm not only provides protection against smoke, but also comes with a personal (attack) alarm and a motion sensor.

This alarm provides added protection during the day, to detect unwanted access to your backpack. During the night, the motion sensor detects movement when placed on your room door.

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Are we being overly safety conscious?

We would answer “No.”

We enjoy house sitting as our preferred method of accommodation when travelling. Again, our safety is important to us and our family. It was a surprise to us, to find some of the beautiful homes and pets we love to look after, were not protected by a smoke alarm.

We always travel with the Cavius Mini Smoke Alarm, it is the first item we retrieve from our bags to secure onto the ceiling of the room. If you need more product information, we encourage you to check out the Cavius website by clicking here ➡ Cavius website

So, when you next arrive at your Hotel or Airbnb room, remember to look up.  You may just be surprised to find no smoke alarm in your room.  Before you finish packing for your weekend get-away, check out these ➡8 Essential Items You Need For Travel.


And remember to pack the One Little Item We Never Travel Without.

If you are ready to purchase a mini smoke alarm for your added protection, ➡  Amazon US and ➡ Amazon UK stock these essential mini smoke alarms.






  1. Nancy says:

    I never thought of this – thanks for sharing! I’ll be staying in various accommodations during my yearlong travels so this tip is super handy for me!

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