Milton Keynes Celebrates 50 Years – 5 More Reasons to Visit

Milton Keynes is what the locals call “a new city” and when you consider the history of England, you understand the comment. Milton Keynes was established back in 1967, so Milton Keynes Celebrates 50 Years this year, 2017.  To find out more of “What’s On” every month to celebrate this milestone, check out this website ➡ MK50. 

We discovered Milton Keynes is a great place to base yourself to explore the surrounding area because our son and daughter-in-law have just moved there from New Zealand.

Daniel and Jessica arrived in Milton Keynes following their February wedding (an awesome day) in Wellington, New Zealand. They had a month travelling through Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand – it seems like the travel bug is passed down in the genes. They had read our travel blog about our time there, and decided that they would follow in our footsteps. Read our travel blog here ➡ An Afternoon in Angkor Wat

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Milton Keynes may not be a travel destination you are familiar with, but for us it was always on the radar thanks to a compulsory social geography topic at school. Milton Keynes was designed for the future; for walkways, cycle ways and green spaces, making it an enjoyable city to live in and visit.

What does Milton Keynes have to offer apart from its 50 Year party?

We have found 5 more reasons to visit Milton Keynes.

 The modern city built with Green Spaces:

·         Campbell Park

·         Extreme Sports

·         Access to Historic Old Towns

·         London is only 30mins away

·         Green Spaces.

Green Spaces

Milton Keynes is walkable city, so perhaps there’s no need for the gym. Because it’s a walkable and cycle friendly city, with loads of green space, it’s a great city for adults and kids to enjoy. If you love to walk, or bike, the walk and cycle tracks within the city and nearby parks ensure there is plenty to do and see.

It has a great public transport system with great infrastructure. If you do have to drive into the city area there’s plenty of parking, and driving through the city is easy and  efficient.  Now don’t be put off by the many roundabouts (these are common in the UK), and with a 60-70 speed limit between the roundabouts, traffic certainly flows.

Campbell Park

Campbell Park would be one of the jewels of Milton Keynes. The park covers an area of 123 acres and Willen Lake is a beautiful place from which to enjoy the park, whatever the weather. The lake provides:

· Cafes and restaurants

· Children’s play area

· Trim Trail (gym equipment around the lake’s edge)

· Wakeboard and Ski Jump – perfect for the adrenalin junkie.

Milton Keynes Celebrates 50 Years - 5 More Reasons to Visit
Willen Lake, Campbell Park, Milton Keynes

A highlight for us was to find the Grand Union Canal flowing through the park. The canal boats moored along the banks is always a picturesque sight.

Milton Keynes Celebrates 50 Years - 5 More Reasons to Visit
Grand Union Canal, Campbell Park, Milton Keynes

But that’s not all, you’ll discover there are plenty more things to keep adults and children entertained. Some of these are:

  • Gulliver’s Land (Amusement Park)

  • Aerial Extreme’s High Ropes Adventure Course

  • Outdoor stage for concerts or summer film festival

  • Cricket ground with an embankment to lie back and watch the game.

Milton Keynes Celebrates 50 Years - 5 More Reasons to Visit
Gullivers land – Milton Keynes

If you are planning a day out for the kids (whatever the age) then this website provides a great list of Things To Do & Days Out In Milton Keynes

Extreme Sports

Now if you love to ski, snowboard and wakeboard, or try indoor skydiving, then Milton Keynes is the place to do these.

WakeMK on Willen Lake is the largest cable tow in the UK (that’s flying fox for the Kiwis) which is where you can enjoy water skiing and wakeboarding. We spent a good half hour here watching the experienced, and the learners, trying out their techniques. Lessons and gift vouchers are available.

Milton Keynes Celebrates 50 Years - 5 More Reasons to Visit
Fun on the lake with WakeMK, Milton Keynes


Xscape is a fantastic indoor facility where you can practice your skiing or snowboarding skills in time for the winter season. Snozone provides real snow to hone your skills.

Milton Keynes Celebrates 50 Years - 5 More Reasons to Visit
Skiing available at Snozone, Milton Keynes

Now if you have been putting off the skydive on your bucket list, iFly Indoor Skydiving at Xscape offers the most amazing experience of a skydive simulation. As you can see, a lot of fun.

Milton Keynes Celebrates 50 Years - 5 More Reasons to Visit
Trying out IFly Indoor Skydiving

The team at Xscape are so friendly and helpful, even allowing us in to watch the skydive.

One Hour to Historical Towns

Milton Keynes is the perfect base from which to explore many places of historic interest and many are within an hour’s drive by car. Travelling is always tied to a budget for us, so we found basing ourselves in Milton Keynes, the perfect place to discover the old medieval towns of Oxford, Stratford upon Avon, Cambridge (upcoming post) and Chippening Norton. Click on the links below to read more.

Oxford Historic University Town

Stratford upon Avon – Shakespeare’s Town


London in 30mins

Why pay London prices for accommodation and food, when Milton Keynes is only a 30min train ride? With trains leaving every hour, our suggestion would be buy to an off-peak journey (a couple of days in advance) as the price can be as low as £6. Use the Trainline app for up to date train schedules and pricing.

Looking for an Airbnb, then this code will give you £30 off your first booking ➡ mauram1616

When you arrive in London, pick up an Oyster card and use the tube as an alternative to walking to see the sights, especially if heading directly to Westminster. Some walks you may like to consider are:

When Time is Short, Choose London City or Notting Hill

The Thames River Walk

Step Away from the Tourist Buzz to Walk The Regent’s Canal London

So, if you are looking for another option of where to base yourself when visiting England, Milton Keynes Celebrates 50 Years has plenty to offer you the traveller. If you decide to take up a house sitting assignment, you’ll only be an hour by car from the historical old towns or 30 minutes by train from London City.

Come take a look.


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