Inspiring Destinations – Lyon, France

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Lyon, France

Lyon is the third-largest city in France after Paris and Marseille, although when you are wandering the streets of the old town you wouldn’t know it was a large city.

Climb the hill and visit La Basilique Notre Dame de Fourvière. The views from the Fourviere Hill are magnificent.

Lyon France
Night view looking up to the Fourviere Hill

It was the capital of Gaul under the rule of the Roman Empire. During the Renaissance period Lyon became a major European trading town, mainly for its silk weaving.

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Night view of a church
Side on view of Lyon Cathedral

Lyon has magnificent architecture, large squares and some of the best food in all of France.

A cart selling crepes
Do yourself a favour and indulge in a Lyon delicacy – crepes

Walk along the banks of the River Soane and cross one of the many bridges to complete a circuit.

Terraced housing alongside the River Soane
Terraced housing alongside the River Soane

Since the 1970’s a group of artists have been painting the sides of buildings with 3D like images. These are called ‘trompe l’oeil’ and depict historic events or people going about daily activities.

A mural on the side of a building
A trompe l’oeil depicting daily life in Lyon.

When you wander around the Old Town you will take in views overlooking the city, stroll through ancient laneways, duck into hidden passages (Traboules), and see beautiful buildings.

A Traboule is a narrow passageway connecting two streets within a block of houses. Residents in the old town have allowed access to the public (mornings preferable) to enter and view this style of building.

A night view of a statue
“The Weight of Oneself” – representing man carrying his double and in doing so becoming his own saviour but also his own millstone.

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