How to Take Amazing Photos with Confidence

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Right from our early days of travelling, we loved taking photos.

But way back then (in the 80s) we had to buy a roll of film and have it developed. It wasn’t cheap so we always wanted to make sure we took amazing photos.

And knowing how to take a good picture meant wading through lots of books to learn the photo tips. Luckily today, there is a much easier way to learn about photography.

It’s why we purchased the best photography tips and techniques from the Ultimate Photography Bundle.

And the results we got, has seen us produce some inspirational travel destination photos here – Best Italian Road Trip Photos.

But it wasn’t just travelling photos we wanted to capture.  When the family started to grow, the camera was never far away for a photo memory of the first steps, birthday parties, celebrations, even graduations.

Do you get frustrated when you compare your pictures to other people’s photos?

You think you have captured those great moments and you envision what that photo will look like. But somehow when you see the photo, it never seems to capture the essence you thought it would.

Then there are the those few great photos you capture by chance, but you’re never quite sure how you achieved it.

There is certainly an art to those amazing photos you’ll see in National Geographic or that eye-catching portrait in the magazine.

Photography is not a mystery but is simply a skill you can learn.

How to Take Better Pictures

With the right knowledge, you can take really good photos that you’ll be proud of.

Having the right equipment doesn’t need to be expensive. With a cell phone on hand, a camera is always nearby to capture those memories. Though we recommend a dedicated camera for superior control and results.

Here are a couple of camera options.

  • Small compact SONY DSC-HX90V which has a great zoom lens and can easily fit into a pocket
  • MIRROR-LESS cameras like the SONY ALPHA 6000 – the latest camera we use for our travel photos.

Whether you choose the Cellphone, Compact Camera or a DSLR to capture your photos, you can get access to learn a few tips and techniques from the professional.

Tips like:

  • how to prevent blurrily and out of focus images
  • using the natural light indoors to enhance your photos
  • learning how to use manual settings
  • create the best picture with editing

Whether your interest in photography for beginners, landscape or portrait photography, knowing a few techniques can mean the difference in achieving the amazing results you wanted or not.

Where Can You Learn the Techniques?

So how do you confidently use manual mode, create gorgeous compositions, use light (or even the lack of light) to your photographic advantage, and use editing to add that final polished touch?

We found Shaw Academy while searching Google and decided to use the free access for 30 days to access the free course.

Because we didn’t have to give a credit card to access the course, we chose a Diploma in Photography.

What we loved about Shaw Academy was:

    • The Diploma in Photography was comprehensive, gave great photography tips on camera use
    • 30 days access gave us the confidence to look at more courses on offer
    • No credit card for the free course Diploma in Photography

The Diploma in Photography helped us discover how the professionals take full advantage of the settings on a camera, use lighting and composition to create interesting photos, and how to make all your photos look better with quick and simple editing workflows.

Snap photos you will be proud to show your friends.

Overcome your Fears and Frustrations

If you want to take photos that match the way you see the world, organize and edit your photos, then the Shaw Academy is for you.

We loved the One Free Course option with no credit card. It meant we could take the interactive course and put into practice each week what we were learning.

The tips and techniques we have learnt have dramatically changed our photography skills, making us feel happy with the end result.

Here’s a link for you to browse and explore Shaw Academy.