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France – Strasbourg

Strasbourg, where cobblestone streets whisper tales of centuries past, and modernity seamlessly intertwines with tradition. Founded over 2,000 years ago, this enchanting Alsatian gem exudes charm at every turn.

Located near the Rhine River, Strasbourg boasts a rich tapestry of history, having shifted between French and German hands over the centuries, shaping its unique culture and architecture.

Famous for its stunning Gothic cathedral, a masterpiece of medieval craftsmanship, and the picturesque canals of La Petite France, this city is a haven for wanderers seeking both architectural marvels and culinary delights.

Explore the UNESCO-listed Grande Île, immerse yourself in the vibrant markets, and savor the fusion of French and German flavours that define this captivating Alsatian city.

Walk Distance approx. 3.5 km / 2.2 miles.