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Belgium, Netherlands & Luxembourg Self-Guided City Walks

Discover the charm of European cities through self-guided city walks in Bruges, Ghent, and Brussels, Belgium; Luxembourg City, Luxembourg; and Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Stroll through Bruges and Ghent to marvel at medieval architecture and tranquil canals. In Brussels, explore the grandeur of the Grand Place, the Atomium, and the whimsical Manneken Pis.

Luxembourg City’s fortified walls and scenic viewpoints offer stunning vistas and a glimpse into its storied past.

Amsterdam’s canals, historic homes, and vibrant markets make every turn a delightful discovery.

Each of these five city walks promises an immersive experience rich with history, culture, and local charm. Whether you’re navigating the cobblestone streets of Bruges, enjoying the artistic heritage of Ghent, uncovering Brussels’ cosmopolitan allure, admiring Luxembourg’s dramatic landscapes, or soaking in Amsterdam’s laid-back vibe, these self-guided tours provide an unforgettable journey.