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Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland SGCW

Embark on enchanting Self-Guided City Walks across some of Europe’s most picturesque destinations. There are 7 Self-Guided City Walks in three countries – Austria, Liechtenstein & Switzerland.

In Austria, Salzburg offers a melodic journey through Mozart’s hometown, while Vienna mesmerizes with its imperial grandeur and vibrant cultural scenes.

Cross into Liechtenstein to explore Vaduz, a charming capital boasting impressive castles and alpine vistas.

Switzerland’s cities captivate in diverse ways: Basel enchants with its art and history, Bern‘s UNESCO-listed old town delights with medieval architecture, and Luzern charms with its lakeside beauty and iconic Chapel Bridge. Lastly, Zurich combines cosmopolitan sophistication with stunning lakeside and mountain views, making each stroll an unforgettable experience.

These cities offer an ideal blend of history, culture, and breathtaking scenery, perfect for self-guided exploration.