Beauty of Luxembourg City
Luxembourg City

Discover Luxembourg City, a walk of a thousand views

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Discover Luxembourg City, a walk of a thousand views, is how we describe this wonderful city.

Whether travelling to Europe for an extended period or for a weekend break, Luxembourg City is well worth a planned stop on your tour of Europe.

There are so many vantage points around the city to discover places of interest and to enjoy its splendour view. All within an easy walking distance.

Visit Luxembourg with a Local

This was our second visit to Luxembourg city and it was picturesque as we remembered.

Our visit was made more special when an Instagram friend Joelle made contact offering to show us her beautiful city.

We were on our way to Bruges and Ghent, so stopping in Luxembourg to meet Joelle made perfect sense.

Best of Luxembourg City
Maura, Joelle and Terry – Luxembourg City

So why would you want to Discover Luxembourg City?

Luxembourg city along with the cities of Strasbourg and Brussels is one of the three official capitals of the European Union.

Did you know?

Luxembourg the country, is one of the smallest sovereign states in Europe and is landlocked by Germany, France and Belgium.

Luxembourg is a mix of “modern city” and the “old town.”

While we tend to ignore the modern city when we travel, the modern city of Luxembourg called the Kirchberg has lots of stunning architecture.

As well as the famous UNESCO old town.

An Easy way to visit Kirchberg

Luxembourg Card is one of the best ways to visit the must-see places within Luxembourg city and Luxembourg country over 1 to 3 days.

If you purchase the Luxembourg Card, you can use it to visit the Kirchberg area.

Kirchberg showcases the modern architecture of the city, with the European Parliament, numerous Banks, and Corporate offices.

Paying online for the Luxembourg Card starts at €13 for an individual or €28 for a family. You will have access to over 60 museums, 2nd Class train travel and bus transport within Luxembourg.

Download the app and follow this link to read more Luxembourg Card.

If you need other travel apps to make travelling easier, you can download our PDF of free travel apps by clicking on this link 9 Free Apps.

Best of Luxembourg Old Town

If you love history, the architecture of old buildings and enchanting views, we can highly recommend a stop in this very old city.

Luxembourg old town with its UNESCO fortifications dates to 963.

To make it easy for you to spend one day in Luxembourg, we have planned a walking tour for you to see the best of Luxembourg.


1. La Passerelle (Luxembourg Viaduct)

Pont Viaduc viewed from the valley
Pont Viaduc viewed from the valley

A great introduction to Luxembourg is the Pétrusse valley and ledges on which the city was built. You find the Viaduct on Rue de la Gare.

We had visited the valley in 1985 so we were curious to see if there were any changes.

Well, there was. The first being the season we visited and the second, camera photo quality. In 1985 we were using film, whereas now we use digital.

Thank goodness for technology.

Luxembourg in 1985
We were here in 1985 (above) – and again in 2017 (below)
Church in Pétrusse valley, Luxembourg
Church in Pétrusse valley, Luxembourg


2. The Monument National de la Solidarité

Monument National de la Solidarité, Luxembourg
Monument National de la Solidarité

The Monument National de la Solidarité, at the north end of the Pont Viaduct bridge, commemorates Luxembourg’s WWII victims.


3. Place de la Constitution

Gelle Fra Monument, Luxembourg City
Gelle Fra Monument

The Gëlle Fra is a 21-metre tall monument commemorating the Luxembourgers who perished in WWI.

Today it symbolises freedom and resistance for the Luxembourg people.

At Gelle Fra is the entrance to the Casemates de la Pétrusse, the tunnels carved into the fortifications, now a UNESCO site.


4. Notre Dame Cathedral

Cathedral Notre Dame, Luxembourg City
View of Notre Dame Cathedral, Luxembourg

Notre Dame Cathedral is the only cathedral in the country of Luxembourg. It was originally a Jesuit church, and its cornerstone was laid in 1613.


5. Palais du Grand Ducal

Palais Grand du Ducal, Luxembourg City
Maura & Joelle with their ‘friend’ at the Palais Grand du Ducal

This is the official residence of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg and his duties as head of state of the Grand Duchy are performed here.

Originally it was the first City Hall of Luxembourg from 1572 to 1795.

And if you ask nicely, the guard may give the “ok nod” for a photo op, but don’t get too close.


6. Place de Guillaume II

In this square, you can see a number of attractions including a statue of William II on a horse, the Hotel de Ville and the Tourist Information Centre.

(No Photo AVAILABLE as construction work being UNDERTAKEN)



7. Place d’Armes

Palais Municipal or Cercle Municipal, Luxembourg City
Palais Municipal or Cercle Municipal
Restaurants at Palais Municipal
Palais Municipal or Cercle Municipal Square – plenty of places to eat and drink

This square is a great place to grab a coffee and a bite to eat to people watch.

The Palais Municipal or Cercle Municipal as it is generally known stands at the eastern end of the square.

At the western end is a Central Bandstand where you can often see groups and bands performing.

And if you love to shop, leave the square and head down Grand Rue, Luxembourg’s pedestrian-only shopping street.


8. Musée d’Histoire de la Ville de Luxembourg

Museum of History, Luxembourg City
Musée d’Histoire de la Ville de Luxembourg

The museum traces 1000 years of Luxembourg’s city history. Very impressive.

To pay the entrance fee, make sure to use your Luxembourg Card.


9. Rue de la Loge

Medieval shops of Luxembourg City
Entrance underneath the shops at Rue de la Loge

The street and area are one of the oldest parts of Luxembourg city.

Take a wander through the small narrow streets and walk underneath buildings to experience the life of centuries ago.

You’ll also find signs of the old fish market too.

10. Eglise Saint-Michel

Eglise Saint-Michel Luxembourg City
Eglise Saint-Michel to the left of the photo

The church was first built on this site in 987 with the current building was constructed in 1688. The church is more the size of a chapel and is free to enter.


11. Casemates du Bock

Casemates, Luxembourg City
Casemates, Luxembourg City – you can see the tunnels in the cliff side on the right of the photo

The Casemates of Luxembourg is the highlight when visiting Luxembourg city.

These tunnels (casemates) are 23kms were built in the cliffs above the River Alzette to shelter thousands of soldiers and their horses.

And they also housed workshops, kitchens, bakeries and slaughter-houses and were once part of the Castle of Lucilinburhuc, built by Count Siegfried.

One of the best things to do in Luxembourg is to explore the tunnels with a guide.


12. Rue Munster Bridge

Rue Munster bridge, Luxembourg City
View from the Rue Munster Bridge in the morning

There are some wonderful views from this bridge. The reflections of nearby houses and cliff top buildings, make for great photos.

Markets are held along the bridge and you will find wonderful boutique restaurants nearby.

And if you want to visit the Musée d’Histoire Naturelle (Natural History Museum) to explore the secrets of the natural world, it’s only a short walk from here.


13. Eglise St-Jean Baptiste

Eglise St Jean Baptiste, Luxembourg City
Eglise St Jean Baptiste

The Church of St John was built in 1606. It contains Baroque-style furniture, an organ dating from 1710 and a Black Madonna.

14. Tour Jacob (Tower)

 Jacob Tower Luxembourg City
Tour Jacob (Tower)

This is an imposing tower on the Rham Plateau with good views back towards the city over Eglise St Jean.

15. Elevator between Ville De Haute and Grund

The Elevator entrance from Ville de Haute  Luxembourg City
The Elevator entrance from Ville de Haute

If you don’t feel like a walk down to Rue Munster Bridge, another option is to take the free elevator.

Just make your way to Ville de Haute.


Download a FREE Walkli Walking Guide

You may find when visiting many of the old towns in cities of Europe, not all tourist information will be available in English.

To make it easier for you to navigate Luxembourg city, we have put together a walking tour on the website Walkli.

If you click on this link you can download a map, photos and descriptions.

FREE Walking Guide of Luxembourg
FREE Walking Guide of Luxembourg

Discover Luxembourg City – a walk of a thousand views is how we describe this wonderful city.

Have you visited Luxembourg?


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