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Popular Highlights of Yangshuo, China

Our flight from Xi’an arrived into Guilin just after 10 pm where a private bus was waiting to transfer us to Yangshuo. A drive of 1.5 hours in an air-conditioned bus protected us from the high humidity. It’s June, and the previous two weeks the area has experienced a lot of rain with flooding in …

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Xian City Wall

What are 5 of the Best Things to See in Xian

Visiting Xian is so much more than the Terracotta Warriors. “Did I hear you correctly?” I know, I know, even for us, the Xian Terracotta Warriors was a big must-see place on our bucket list of China. But what we didn’t realise until we started researching more, was why we also needed to visit the …

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TravelKiwis at Forbidden City, Beijing

How to See 10 Best Things in Beijing

Updated May 2019 Spending three days in Beijing and finding the 10 best things to do in Beijing can be done if you use the Beijing Metro. Whether you are arriving in Beijing by train or with an international or flight, the metro will get you to where you want to go. For us, we …

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9 Unique Things to See in Nanjing, China

Deciding to visit China can sometimes be the easy part. Finding places to visit away from the large tourist areas of Beijing and Shanghai can be a challenge. First, there’s the online research to wade through. Plus, all the questions: Will the place you pick be safe? Will there be tours available? What’s the best …

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Best 7 Days in Shanghai and Xitang Water Town

First impressions of China Feeling a little nervous, but also excited as we flew to China from Hanoi for a month of cultural exploration. China’s old and new history has always fascinated us and in three hours we would be there. Shanghai has two international airports, Pudong and Hongqiao, and with a population of 24 …

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