Travel by Bus From Singapore to Malacca (Melaka)

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Updated October 2018

Getting the Bus from Singapore to Malacca

Getting a bus from Singapore to Malacca (Melaka) is not difficult as long as you have organized your trip in advance. But it’s knowing which bus will ensure you have happy travels.

We chose the bus company 707 Inc for the 255kms journey from Singapore to Malacca.

How long is the bus ride from Singapore to Malacca?

You need to allow four hours even though one hour is spent:

  • getting off the bus for passport control at the Singapore border
  • then getting back onto the bus to cross over the causeway to enter Malaysia
  • and then getting off the bus with your bags for Malaysia passport control

But afterward, you can sit back and relax dreaming of your Malaysian adventure of culinary spicy foods and learning the history of Malacca.

What to See and Things to Do When Exploring Malacca.

Fabulous Foods of Ipoh

707 Inc Bus Review

Before booking any travel, we like to do our homework and check online reviews to make sure other travelers had:

  • value for money
  • an enjoyable experience
  • they felt safe

So, when we checked the online reviews for the 707 bus from Singapore to Malacca, we were happy with what we found.

The 707 Inc bus review highlighted the bus was:

  • a modern bus
  • air-conditioned
  • safe 
  • good driver reviews

So, we were happy to make our booking with 707 Inc bus.

Check out our resources page for 9 free travel apps to make your travel easier.

How to Book the 707 Inc Bus Singapore to Malacca

Prebook your ticket and seat by clicking on the 707 Inv website  ➡ 707 Inc

Or you can use Easybook to make your online booking ⇒ Easy book

The bus tickets range from SGD13 to SGD20 per person depending on the time and day you book.

Try to avoid the top front seats. They have great views but also have direct sunlight.


Things to Do before you Book your Bus from Singapore to Malacca

1. Check 707-inc bus review online

2. Ensure you have the dates of the journey for a one-way trip or a return journey

3. Do you want to travel in the morning, afternoon or evening

4. Choose which bus terminal to leave from in Singapore and arrive in Malacca

5. Find the directions and location of the bus terminal the day before you leave

Once you have all this information, then go online to make your booking.


Where to Get the Bus from Singapore to Malacca

The 707-Inc Queen Street Bus Terminal

You will find the 707 inc Bus Terminal is on the corner of Queen and Ban San Streets, Singapore.

It is also known as the Singapore-Johore Express Terminal.

We checked in at the make-shift office to make sure we knew where our bus was parked.

We suggest staying with your bags at all times until the holding door is closed.

Our bus from Singapore to Malacca (or Melaka as it is known locally) was due to leave at 11 am from the Singapore-Johore Express Terminal. 

While we waited, we had time to find food and drinks at the day market on Albert Street for the four-hour bus ride.

Tip – Take Singapore Dollars to exchange at the Money Changers in Malacca Sentral as ATMs are limited.


Getting from Melaka Sentral to Malacca Old Town

We finally made it to Melaka Sentral only to realize that it wasn’t Central to where we were staying.

Malacca Old Town is about 5km from Melaka Sentral, so we had to organize a Taxi for 25 Ringgit (about USD6) from the bus station.

Inside the bus terminal, you can exchange your Singapore dollars for Malaysian ringgits.

Where to Stay in Malacca

When choosing accommodation for your stay, we have a few favorite sites. And because we love to save money on accommodation, we used these sites regularly to get discounts, so we can enjoy another wine or beer.

Always a favorite, click here on  to receive a 15 % discount on your booking.

But for us, we love the lower prices of where after your 10th-night booked, your next night is free based on your average stay rate.

When we are staying longer and need the use of a kitchen, we use Airbnb.  If you are new to Airbnb, then this link will give you a discount on your new booking.


We Chose to stay at The Baba House

Our hotel for the next three nights – The Baba House for a room rate of RM120 (USD30 on special) but usually is RM160. Breakfast was included, but it is very basic, so eating out may be a better option.

We unpacked in our basic air-conditioned windowless room and relaxed for a while before heading out. Next was to find a beer and explore the surrounding area to find some dinner too. We walked to the main tourist spot about 750 meters from our hotel.


Architecture of Malacca

Christ Church Melaka

Malacca has an incredible history of being a key trade center over many hundreds of years.

It has been conquered and colonized by Malay, Portuguese, Dutch and British. Each colonization leaving its mark on the buildings and food of Malacca.

Time to Quench the First with a Riverside View

When beer is only 90c a bottle, what could be better?

As we walked alongside the river, we came across a bar called the Idlers Corner. Ordering a beer for 90c a bottle. Fantastic.

Enjoying a beer at Idler’s Corner

Terry got talking to the barman who was from Pakistan and soon the chatter turned to cricket. It turns out Pasha played cricket at a high level in Pakistan. So he and Terry were quite happy chatting old cricket stories.

Pasha then asked us to come and take a look behind the fence.

Ok, what could be lurking there?

In a small space between buildings was a big reptile known as a Monitor Lizard, at least 1.5m long!

Pasha told us this lizard was just a baby. Really? And much bigger lizards swim up the river and rest here from time to time.

It was quite a freaky sight that left us with goosebumps, even though it was still above 30degsC.

Our friendly Monitor Lizard

Nighttime in Malacca is a Good Night out

After the beer and bar snacks, we continued our orientation walk around the town. We were amazed at the spectacular trishaws being ridden around. They were very garish with their neon-lit garb and jazzy music being played, while they transported tourists around the town at RM40 per hour (USD10).

Neon-lit Trishaws light up the night in Malacca

As we were getting hungry we would have a meal on the walk back to the hotel. We took a walk along Jonker Walk, Malacca’s Chinatown and ended up at a corner restaurant called the Geographer’s Café.

Nighttime is all action on Jonker’s Walk

We ordered the café special Geographer’s Curry RM7 as well as some Tempeh RM3, a sort of crispy soy product the locals use as a source of protein.

Geographer’s Curry (above) and some Tempeh (below) 

Maura’s drink was a sour plum cocktail and the most expensive at RM13, but it was refreshing and of course local.

Cocktails are always fun at Geographer’s in Malacca

Our next challenge was – How to get from Malacca to Kuala Lumpur 

If you would like to know more about what to see and things to do in Malacca, then please click on the link below.

What to See and Things to Do When Exploring Malacca

If you want to keep up to date on travel ideas, or need help in getting between places, then we would love you to join us.

Now you can sit back and relax dreaming of your Malaysian adventure of culinary spicy foods. And learning more of Malacca for your stay.



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