Bratislava Old Town - 9 Highlights to Visit in One Day

Bratislava Old Town – 9 Highlights to Visit in One Day

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We were now onto Day-5 of our 10 countries 10-night road trip from North Germany to Italy.

It had been 30 years since we were last here in Bratislava, Slovakia, and all we could say was “Wow.”

Bratislava’s old town had been transformed from the grey and drab to a city vibrant with color and beauty.

We were here for a two-night stay giving us 36 hours to reacquaint ourselves and explore with new eyes.

This is our Bratislava Old Town – 9 Highlights to Visit in One Day.

Bratislava now Slovakia

3 storey building
Bratislava Opera House, Hviezdoslav’s Square

With the breakup of Czechoslovakia, Bratislava became the capital of Slovakia.

It’s unique position borders Austria (only one hour by train to Vienna) and Budapest in Hungary.

Bratislava on the banks of the River Danube provides a stopping off point for many cruises. And it is also the city to stop when traveling from Prague to Budapest.

Things to do in Bratislava Old Town in One Day

If you love the early morning, then you will have photo opportunities before the crowds arrive.

To start your morning, try a coffee and a small local delicacy. The local favorite is a breaded roll of walnut and poppy seed, the size of a small croissant shape.


1. Michael’s Gate and Street

Tall bell tower
Michael’s Gate, Bratislava

When entering the old town through the famous Michael’s Gate you will find the cobblestoned street leading you to quaint shops, cafes, and restaurants.

This gate is one of the entries into the old town and is all that is left of a medieval fortification dating back to the 14th century.

The 51-meter tower can be accessed for views of the city via the Museum of Weapons.

In the evening, this area is alive with people enjoying local food and beers.

2. Bratislava Castle

four storey white building
Bratislava Castle

The castle area on the hill of the Little Carpathians dates to 350BC was a strategic stronghold along the Danube River.

The castle you see today was built throughout the 9th to 18th centuries under-going renovations between 1956-1964. It is now the Slovak National Museum.

The views of the Danube River, Austria and on a clear day Hungary, make it an enjoyable place to stop and take in the wondrous views.

You can also view the famous UFO Bridge, St Martin’s Cathedral and views of the old town.

3. Grassalkovich Palace

fountain with a large ball in front of building
Grassalkovich Palace, Bratislava

A beautiful Baroque building built in 1760 as a summer residence of Count Anton Grassalkovic.

Today it is sometimes referred to as Slovakia’s White House as it is the official residence for the President of Slovakia.

While the Palace is not open to the public, the large French Garden behind the palace is now a public park.

The beautiful fountain in front of the palace is in the shape of the earth symbolizing freedom. During the week at 12noon, near the Palace gates, there is the changing of the guards.

4. Slavin Memorial Monument and Cemetery

Tall obliesk
Slavin Memorial, Bratislava

This memorial is a hill climb up from the old town although a bus is available.

The cemetery has over 6,000 soldiers and civilians killed liberating Bratislava in 1945. The monument stands at 39m tall with an 11m statue of Alexander Trizuljak, a victorious Soviet Soldier.

The views from here out over the old town are spectacular.

5. Old Town Squares

Nightime view of a church
Town Hall, Main Square – Bratislava
Water fountain at night
Roland’s Fountain, Main Square – Bratislava

If you enjoy viewing medieval buildings, then the old town Bratislava is a must-see.

With two main squares and many adjoining squares, you may find yourself disorientated as you walk along the cobblestoned streets.

Hlavne Namestie is the main square with its famous Town Hall and the renaissance style fountain. A great place to stop in a café to people watch.

Primate’s Square (Primacialne Namstie) is the square of the Primate’s Palace. This beautiful palace was built between 1778 to 1781 and shows off a pale pink and white exterior.

Rybne Square close to the Danube River was an area where fishermen sold their catch. But in 1713, two columns were erected to the people who died in the plague epidemic.

White stone building with green roof and bell tower
Primate’s Square, Bratislava
pink 3 storey building
Primate’s Palace, Bratislava
tree line ssquare
Rybne Square, Bratislava (Originally a fish market)

6. Bridge of the Slovak National Uprising

Road bridge
UFO Bridge, Bratislava

This was one iconic sight we remembered from our first trip to Bratislava.

It was finished in 1972 so in 1986 it was a relatively new bridge. Although it is the 7th longest suspension bridge in the world, most people know it as the UFO Bridge.

Today the observation deck is a restaurant with panoramic views of the castle and old town. To reach the observation deck, take a walk along the walkway underneath the bridge.

7. Bronze Statues

Bronze statue on the ground
The Worker – Bronze Statue, Bratislava
Man next to a bronze statue
The Frenchman – Bronze Statue, Bratislava

Something unique to the city is the bronze statues waiting to be discovered by you.

Our first photo capture was early morning to see Cumil (The Worker) popping up from the manhole for a look-see.

Later in the morning, Terry met up with a Napoleon soldier (The Frenchman) for a chat.

8. St Martin’s Cathedral

St Martin’s Cathedral, Bratislava

The view of the cathedral is best seen from the hills of Bratislava Castle.

It was here the Kings, Queens and Consorts of Hungary were crowned between 1563-1830.

The original church built in 1221 was replaced with this gothic cathedral as the town grew into a city.

9. Try the Food

Two food dishes
Dishes at Bratislavsky Mestiansky Pivovar

When visiting a new country or city, local food is always a must-try.

Tonight, our host had recommended a very old restaurant and brewery, away from the touristy area of Michael’s Gate.

Bratislavsky Mestiansky Pivovar 1752 food was delicious.

So, what did we try?

We chose a traditional dish – Bryndzove Halusky. Its small potato dumplings with sheep cheese and topped with crunchy bits of bacon – so delicious.

The other dish was slow-cooked pork with a very soft bread that soaked up the tasty juices of the meat.

Quick Wrap-Up of Bratislava Highlights

Small red tour bus
Bratislava Tourism Bus

When planning your European Escapade you’ll definitely need to take some time to visit Bratislava.

And as it’s only an hour train trip from Vienna, it is easy to explore Bratislava in a day. But spending 36 hours in Bratislava would make the perfect short stay vacation.

With so much to see within the old town is easy walking distance and plenty of cafes to stop and recharge. A full day exploring will leave you happy with your decision.

We suggest you check out the local tourism website for more information about your stay.

If walking is not your thing, then check out the local version of the hop on hop off bus. So cute and so unobtrusive.

Have fun when you spend one day in Bratislava.



  1. Megan says:

    I definitely think that Bratislava is highly underrated! There are so many things to see and people just overlook the city because Vienna, Budapest, and Prague are such amazing places. I have been a couple of times and had a blast there. And this post now has me craving halusky!!

    • TravelKiwis says:

      Hi Megan, yes we agree. We Loved Bratislava, much more now than when we were 30 years ago, lol. We had never tried Halusky before, its so good to talk with locals and get tips like that. Cheers T&M

  2. Amy Hartle says:

    So charming !! Loved the squares. I miss Europe so much!

    • TravelKiwis says:

      Hi Amy, it is a charming city and wonderful it brings back good memories of Europe for you. We love the squares as so easy to people watch.

  3. TravelKiwis says:

    So glad you enjoyed the post, and Bratislava is definitely a great place to enjoy its history and bars.

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