Recommendations for Travel

Our Recommendations page is travel related websites and apps we use while travelling.  These recommended services, products and companies have made it so much easier for us to plan, book and enjoy our travel adventures. We hope they will assist you when it’s your time to travel.

Disclosure: There are affiliate links below for the products and services we recommend. We have personally used these products and services so are confident in recommending them to you.



People often ask where do we stay between housesits. One option we have chosen is Airbnb allowing us to have not only a room, but also the use of a kitchen.  By clicking on this link  Airbnb you receive NZD50 (or local currency equivalent) off your first booking of NZD100 (or local currency equivalent). 

Being that bit older, we do enjoy the comfort of a hotel when travelling. This hotel site is popular for us as they offer every 10th night free, with no black-out dates or restrictions. The value of the 10th night is based on the average price of the 10 nights. have heavily discounted rooms available.



Rome2rio is the app we use to plan our travel globally and locally. This app download displays all options of travel for car, bus, train, ferry and plane giving estimated times and fares.  This is our go to app when booking our flights and trains, as we have the information directly in front of us, with all cost options from the various travel suppliers.  We highly recommend loading this app and visiting the website. Click the link here to learn more



MapsMe has helped us navigate our way in many countries, cities and villages. This offline app is a download available for your cellphone and can be used offline with the use of GPS. Having this app readily available in your handbag or pocket, means you always know where you are and where your destination is located. We download the countries or cities we are visiting when WiFi is available, making it an easy tool to use. A great feature for us are the walking and bike trails ensuring we never get lost. Click the link here



TripIt app is your travel plan organiser for your travel itinerary.  By forwarding your email booking confirmations for flights, car rentals, hotels, etc to the app, TripIt automatically transforms the emails into a master itinerary available to view, even offline. One benefit for us is accessing ticket confirmation at airport check-ins and sharing our itinerary with family. Click the link here to learn more



Skyscanner travel app is the tool we use to view available flights, hotels and rental car options, with prices, for the chosen destination. Having all the comparable information in one place from the different travel providers, makes it an easy tool to use when booking our travel. Click the link here to learn more



Polarsteps app was introduced to us by a fellow traveller and is an easy way to track your travel journey with a map, adding memorable photos and writing a description of the highlights experienced. This app is a quick solution as all the detail is automatically recorded from your GPS on your phone. The bonus feature is the opportunity to make a travel album, for a small cost and with free worldwide shipping, saving you time on your return. Click the link here to learn more


XE (Currency Converter) 

XE app is a must for us when travelling through many different countries. It has up to date currency converter helping us identify costs  against our home currency. Click the link here to learn more


Google Translate 

Travelling through many countries we always try to have the basic common courtesy phrases. When it comes to food menus, sightseeing information or directions, Google Translate is the app to use. Download for offline use, scan the text with your camera and let google translate. A great app for your phone. Click the link here to learn more