TravelKiwis are proud to bring you our 2024 New Zealand Birds Calendar.

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Get ready to embark on a breathtaking avian adventure through Aotearoa with our exclusive “2024 New Zealand Birds Calendar.”

Featuring twelve stunning birds captured through the lens of Terry and Maura during their visits to their beautiful homeland from 2020 to 2022.

Each month brings you a captivating snapshot of New Zealand’s remarkable birdlife. 

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January – Tauhou / Silvereye / Waxeye: These delicate little birds are known for their vibrant plumage and enchanting songs.

February – Kotare / Sacred Kingfisher: Marvel at the vibrant colours of the Sacred Kingfisher as it perches gracefully atop the branches of the flax.

March – Kārearea / New Zealand Falcon: The iconic New Zealand Falcon, a symbol of strength and agility, stands guard in all its glory.

April – Piwakawaka / Fantail: The Piwakawaka’s playful antics and striking tail feathers make it a favourite among birdwatchers.

May – Takahe: Meet the Takahe, a true Kiwi icon. Once believed extinct, it is known for its striking blue and green plumage.

June – Tui: Admire the Tui’s iridescent feathers and melodious songs in this month’s breathtaking photo.

July – Toutouwai / North Island Robin: The North Island Robin graces our calendar with its cute appearance and inquisitive nature.

August – Hihi / Stitchbird: The vibrant Hihi flaunts its dazzling plumage, a testament to New Zealand’s unique bird diversity.

September – Kereru / New Zealand Pigeon: The Kereru stands out with its distinctive emerald green breast, white bib and melodious cooing.

October – Weka: The Weka, a flightless marvel, makes an appearance, showcasing its curious and charismatic nature.

November – Kea / New Zealand Mountain Parrot: Witness the playful antics of the Kea, New Zealand’s mischievous mountain parrot.

December – Kaka: The Kaka, or Bush Parrot, known for its boisterous calls and vibrant plumage, rounds off the year in style.

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Don’t miss the chance to adorn your wall with these captivating birds, brought to life through Terry and Maura’s lens.

Order your “2024 New Zealand Birds Calendar” now and relish the beauty of Aotearoa’s avian wonders. Month after month, New Zealand birds will brighten your year!


Our custom wall calendars feature sturdy 250gsm paper stock with spiral binding to relive your special moments each day. 

Professionally printed on high-quality 250gsm paper with a sturdy spiral binding.

Hole-punched and ready to hang.

20x28cm (approx 8x11in) Wall Calendar with Everyday Grid and space to write your events and appointments.

Size: 20x28cm (approx 8x11in) 

NZ$60.00 – prices will be shown in your local currency.

Free shipping. Allow 2-3 weeks for production and delivery. Order early for Christmas due to longer delivery times.

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