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Introducing “Inspiring Destinations” – A Journey Through Time and Beauty

Imagine a year filled with breathtaking landscapes, iconic sites, and incredible architecture, all captured through the lens of passionate travellers Terry and Maura.

“Inspiring Destinations” is not just a calendar; it’s a portal to some of the world’s most awe-inspiring places. Terry and Maura’s incredible journey from 2016 to 2022 has led them to these captivating locations, and now you can relive their experiences every day.

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Lake with boast and mountain in background

January – Lago di Braies, Dolomites, Italy: Start your year with the pristine beauty of Lago di Braies, nestled in the heart of the Dolomites. Its crystal-clear waters and stunning mountain backdrop set a serene tone.

A bridge forming a perfect circle reflected in a small lake

February – Rakotzbrücke, Gablenz, Germany: Rakotzbrücke’s arched bridge and its reflection form a perfect circle, creating a mesmerizing scene that seems almost surreal.

March – Scilla, Reggio Calabria, Italy: Scilla exudes charm in bucketloads on the coast of Reggio Calabria. Castello Ruffo di Scilla and seaside views make it a perfect destination to brighten your days.

April – Aarburg, Aargau, Switzerland: Aarburg offers a picturesque old town and a historic castle, surrounded by lush greenery and the Aare River, promising a tranquil escape.

May – Cudillero, Asturias, Spain: Welcome to the warmth of the charming fishing village of Cudillero on the north coast of Spain. Its colourful houses cascade down the hillside to meet the sea, creating a delightful coastal spectacle.

June – National Palace of Pena, Sintra, Portugal: Explore the enchanting National Palace of Pena high above the pretty town of Sintra near Portugal’s capital city, Lisbon. Its vibrant colours and fairy-tale architecture are a testament to romance and history.

July – Etretat, Normandy, France: Etretat’s dramatic cliffs along the coast of Normandy will take your breath away. It’s a reminder of the powerful forces of nature that have sculpted this awe-inspiring landscape.

August – Gouden-Handrei Canal, Bruges, Belgium: Cobblestone streets, historic buildings, and serene waterways create a picturesque scene along Bruges’ Gouden-Handrei Canal. Just one of many stunning sights in Bruges.

September – La Cite, Carcassonne, Languedoc, France: Explore the medieval beauty of this castle, one of several that inspired Disney’s famous castle. Its ancient walls and cobblestone streets transport you to another era.

October – Mont Saint-Michel, Normandy, France: Mont Saint-Michel stands as a timeless symbol of beauty and history. It is located 1km off the Normandy coast and is surrounded by shifting tides of the Gulf of Saint-Malo.

November – Luis I Bridge, Porto, Portugal: The Luis I Bridge is a double-deck metal arch bridge that spans the Douro River between the cities of Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia. It blends old-world charm and modern urban energy in this iconic setting.

December – Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany: Conclude your year in the fairytale surroundings of Neuschwanstein Castle. Its majestic spires and mountainous backdrop create a magical setting. No wonder Walt Disney was inspired by this architectural marvel.

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With “Inspiring Destinations,” you can escape to these remarkable places every day, immersing yourself in the world’s beauty without leaving your home.

Let Terry and Maura’s expert travel photography transport you to these extraordinary locations, inspiring your wanderlust and igniting your sense of adventure.

This calendar is not just a timekeeper; it’s a window to the world. Get ready for a year filled with awe, wonder, and inspiration.


Our custom wall calendars feature sturdy 250gsm paper stock with spiral binding to relive your special moments each day. 

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